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Japanese premium swimming tiger blowfish specialty restaurant about 40 stores are deployed in Kanto area.Please enjoy fresh domestic production luxury Torafugu provided by Fugu craftsmen. It is best for celebrations and client dinner.

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Fuguyoshi Sohonten

Fugu cuisine specialty shop that you can enjoy Fugu cuisine more casually.We use our own transportation route and offer high quality Fugu at low price. It is a shop that you can use everyday with ease.

Sakana-no Mamma

A seafood Izakaya that offers fresh fish stocked in the morning purchased by our professionals.We offer reasonably priced seafood dishes such as Special dish in Sakana-no Mamma "Swimming Squid" and its own brand "Kiwami Ichiban Hon-maguro © " .

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Special dish in WOKUNI "Swimming Squid" and its own brand "Kiwami Ichiban Hon-maguro © " "Kiwami Buri" Seafood restaurant.We offer High quality and Low price what only TOKYO ICHIBAN FOODS can do.

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Our company's first overseas store in NewYork, United States.In order to spread Japanese food culture, also offer high quality seafood dishes, sales of fresh fish, tuna dismantling show and so on.

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