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2015/02/24 Announcement of the commemorative special treatment of the shareholder benefit plan for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the company
2015/02/16 Tora-fugu Tei was covered a story, by Nikkei MJ, about “the offer of new eating idea of tiger blowfish
2015/02/9 “Tora-fugu Tei” and the subsidiary, Nagasaki Farm Co., Ltd. were introduced in special edition of “Fugu no hi”, (the day of blowfish) of “N-Sta” program of TBS News Report.
2015/01/14 The coverage news of our groups’ aqua-culture businesses appeared in the special edition at the front page of Nikkei MJ newspaper, titled “Secure high quality food ingredients”.
2015/01/13 Our company’s subsidiary, Nagasaki Farm Co., Ltd. has been certified as “Nagasaki aqua-cultured bluefin tuna codes and standards adequate producer”.
2014/12/17 Our group’s brand fish, “Nagasaki Herb Hiramasa” (Yellowtail amberjack) and “Delicious sushi and live fish restaurant, Saka-no-manma”, Shimbashi store were introduced in the Web site, “Herb Village”.
2014/12/12 “World Business Satellite” program of TV Tokyo covered “Tora-fugu Tei, Akasaka” and Nagasaki Farm, our subsidiary, in special edition, “The reason why tiger blowfish is a good deal in this year.”
2014/11/14 (Announcement of new restaurants opening)
The company opens the compound store of “Swimming tiger blowfish specialty restaurant, Tora-fugu Tei” (opens November 15) and “Delicious sushi and fish dishes,
2014/10/22 Uokuni” (opens November 21) at Kichijyoji (Muashino City, Tokyo)
2014/10/22 Nikkei Business magazine published on Oct., 20, 2014.
The year 2015 grad hiring project of the company, called tiger blowfish hiring with 29 menus was published in the magazine.
“The reality of putting off job hiring/Bringing “Golden Eggs” in with unique ways of hiring.”
2014/5/29 Opened the Shimokitazawa restaurant of “Uokuni” on May, 30.
2014/5/7 Nikkei Electronic Edition published on 2014/5/7.
The year 2015 grad hiring project of the company, called “tiger blowfish hiring with 29 menus” was published in the edition as unique grad hiring.
“The seriousness concealed behind unique and funny recruitment examination, tiger blowfish face, The Straw Millionaire, etc.”
2014/2/9 The company registered the day of Feb., 9 as “The day of Tora-fugu Tei” to Japan Anniversary Association” and it was certified.
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