"Connoisseur" to see fish
Our greatest strength, which began with the wholesale business of fish, is [The keen eyes].
As a company aiming for "The NO.1 Fishery company in the world" with the "genuine oriented", this fish is judged with this [The keen eyes].
It is our mission to deliver to everyone the fresh and genuine exclusive high quality taste of the fish.
"Professional Team" to realize our character
We believe that our company should be a company with the following professional oriented [craftsmen group].
"Connoisseur pros" to purchase high-quality fish in various markets and production areas, "cooks" and "hospitality pros" in direct contact with customers at stores, "transport pros" to deliver shops from production areas to thorough quality control, "Production Pros" that continues to provide stable quality and quantity.
Propulsion of "Sixth industrialization"
By doing all of production, food processing, distribution and sales in our own group, we can supply safe and safe quality ingredients, freshness, taste and quality
It is possible to deliver it to the processing plant or store while keeping it all.
Also, by directly transporting from the production area to the store without going through the market, we will realize [high quality · low price] impossible for other companies.