Privacy Policy

Our company makes the policy clear in this page about how is the customer's personal information collected and used on our web site, and protect it.

About collection of personal information
In case of sending the information or inquiries to our inquiry address on the website, our company collects the information which can specify the individual, such as personal name, address, telephone number and date of birth and the contents of inquiries on this website.
About the purpose of use of personal information
The personal information collected on our website is being used for answering to general questions and to questions regarding recruit and for offering our services and guidance messages from our company.
About sharing of personal information
Our company does not offer customer's personal information to third persons without getting customer's consent beforehand except for the following cases.
▪In case that there were formal cooperation requests from the authority based on decrees in Japan.
▪In case of urgencies to protect human life and human rights.
About changes and deletions of the personal information
Our company corrects, updates and deletes data of the personal information our company possessed, when requested so at first hand.
About management of personal information
Our company provides the security education to all of our employee, understands the importance of collected personal information and treats with sufficient attention. Our company, also, makes effort toward prevention of hacking to the server environment that our home page is being used and makes the maximum effort to manage customer's data safely from injustice of tapping, defacing, leaking, etc..
About link
Our home page includes a link to the outside site, but personal information isn't shared. Our company can’t take any responsibility for collection of the personal information performed in home pages ahead of the link and, so, it is necessary to confirm it in the sites ahead of the link concerned.
About inquiries
Our company accepts inquiries about a private policy by the following.
Shinjuku Yawaragi Bldg. 4F,
5-6-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan