In using the IR information

The IR information in this website is intended to offer the financial information and management index, etc. of Tokyo Ichiban Foods Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as our company), but any it does not secure the expression and guarantee of the contents.
And, also, the information in this website wasn't carried for the purpose of investment invitation. It is recommended to refrain to use the information in this website completely in order to make judgments for investment and the decision for investment is to be done by your own judgment.

About information posted

The company is with extreme caution on carried information in the website. But, the company does not undertake any responsibility for any reason whatsoever for obstacles by the mistake of information posted, falsification of data by third persons and the data downloading.

About a future perspective

The description about future achievement is included in the part of the information carried in the website. Such description doesn't guarantee future achievement, and includes risk and uncertainty. It is to be noted that there are possibilities of difference of the future achievement from the actual results by the environmental changes.

About practical use in our website

Our website may perform the changes of contents, the stop of operation and the cancellation of the operation without notice. Our website can't sometimes normally be used by the communication environment, the situation of the customer's computer and other reasons. The company does not undertake any responsibility for any reason whatsoever for these troubles, losses and damages and this is to be accepted beforehand.