Shareholders Special Benefit Plan

Introduction of shareholders special benefit plan

▪The company offers “shareholder complimentary coupon”, depending on the number of shares owned, to the shareholders who hold 500 or more shares as of March 31 and as of September 30 every year.
In case of using in a store, other discounts etc. you can not be used in combination.

Criteria for complimentary

Number of shares in hand Number of complimentary ticket per half year
500 or more and under 1,500 1
1,500 or more and under 2,500 2
2,500 or more and under 3,500 3
3,500 or more and under 4,500 4
4,500 or more 5

Contents of benefit

Able to select the following 1 item using 1 coupon.
▪One of “Swimming tiger blowfish” course
▪One of special plan of “Char-broiled tiger blowfish” (Genkai) (Limited time offer)
▪One pack of 2kg rice produced by award winner at international convention of rice championship. (Uonuma product, Koshihikari)

Able to select the following 1 set using 2 coupons.
▪One set of “Tora-fugu Tei” home delivery “Kutsurogi” set for 3 – 4 persons.

Expiration date

Point of time owned Coupons will send around Benefit expiration date
Shareholders who own more than 500 shares as of March 31, every year Late May, current year September 30, current year
Shareholders who own more than 500 shares as of September 30, every year Late December, current year June 30, current year

Exchange market

Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market

Date of light fixed

End of September, End of March

Number of unit of stock

100 stocks

The sample of complimentary coupon