We are changing the dietary culture in Japan with persistence.

Five Articles

  1. 1.We are committed to ingredients most in Japan.

    Offering the highest grade Torafugu as a worthy price
    A pursuit of delicious and safety ingredients

  2. 1.We are committed to service most in Japan.

    Smile, attentiveness, thankfulness not fail anybody
    Hospitality not fail anybody

  3. 1.We are committed to space most in Japan.

    The shop where we can bring the most important person
    Creating a comfortable space

  4. 1.We are committed to partner most in Japan.

    A strong bond that can share joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure
    Creating a vibrant organization

  5. 1.We are committed to way of living most in Japan.

    Corporations and we will grow through business
    We will realize our dream through business