To all of our Stockholders and Investors

代表取締役社長 坂本 大地 CEO Daichi Sakamoto

We, Tokyo Ichiban Foods Group, thank you, the Stockholders and Investors, very much for warm supporting always giving to us.

Our group are operating, in the Tokyo metropolitan area, “Swimming tiger blowfish specialty restaurant, Tora-fugu Tei” offering domestic tiger blowfish with valued price, “Fuguyoshi Souhonten”, “Sakana-no-manma” and “Wokuni” restaurants.
In addition, we developed “Take-out” services as well as “Home delivery” services in order to have a delicious taste of “Tora-fugu Tei” at home. Also, the demand for high quality tiger blowfish for “home meal replacement” spread through.

"As one of the diversification of the business, we made a full-scale entry into the aquaculture business in 2011, and started the culture of tiger blowfish, bluefin tuna and yellowtail amberjack in-house, in order to put into, so called, “the sixth industry”. The market of B to B to supermarkets and restaurants are going to expand by the loosening the tiger blowfish handling regulation by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2012. This loosening the regulation causes that the restaurants, supermarkets and other fishery stores are able to handling, with prior notification, “Migaki” tiger blowfish (processed and detoxified tiger blowfish) even without licenses.
As the business company having the system of consistency from aquaculture, processing and sale, we will keep the global business more firmly in mind and will aim to have an enormous breakthrough as the fisheries entrepreneurial venture. "

In order to measure up to the expectation of our stockholders, investors and customers, we will continue making an effort to be able to contribute to the society through "the meal" that we are particular about, and in addition, we will appreciate all of you and will ask to have further support and encouragement.