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Company outline

Management Principle

President Greetings

The market size of the tiger blowfish cuisine is said to be 40 billion yen only in a metropolitan area. Bigger possibility is still underlying there, and there will be a lot of what we can challenge. We will plan the store development that target the class of families in future at not only the downtown area but also the suburbs type city to dig up underlying tiger blowfish food demand more and will lay emphasis on the development of the healthy menu which made use of the "persistence ingredients".
Of course I do not think that all of these are easy course. For example, diversification of the needs and the intensification of the competition with it, are every phenomenon that can be expected throughout the restaurant business and other businesses. However, I am sure that when the such time comes and choices become various, "a genuine article" should increase it’ presence more and more.

We, Tokyo Ichiban Foods, always carry through "genuine oriented" and will continue pursuing the business that we can have higher evaluation from the customers. To have support and encouragement with your continued patronage by all means; I appreciate you very much for your cooperation.

Business Brand

It was in October, 1996 that we, Tokyo Ichiban Foods, opened a store in Shinjuku as long-cherished first shop. It is the reason to start the company to satisfy the longing thought that we "want to change the dietary culture in Japan by means of a tiger blowfish dishes.". Thereafter, we broke conventional common sense one by one and were consistent to offer the full-fledged tiger blowfish dishes with reasonable price.

ふぐよし ふぐよし総本店 魚の飯 魚の飯

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